>Meet Miss C. I had the best time with her and her mother a few Sundays ago. She is so sweet and easy-going. And she’s just beautiful! Look at those eyes! Who could resist them? I’m sure not mom and dad 🙂

Plus, she’s very talented on the soccer field. She didn’t get to play much this year because of injuries but she’s got some mad skills! In this shot she is standing in front of the main field her team plays on. Aren’t those trees just the perfect backdrop for her? Someone must have told the tree fairies that the team’s colors are black and GOLD! Oh and her team won semi-state tonight! Woo Hoo!!!!

FAVORITE! Just may be my favorite of all time! See that sweet expression on her face? She was talking to her mom. That is one lucky mom!

K, wait. THIS may be my favorite. I’m so confused! I don’t know how her mom is going to pick if I can’t. Sorry, mom! Wouldn’t this be awesome blown up big?

Thanks so much Miss C for a fabulous Sunday afternoon. It was great getting to talk and know you a little more. Oh, and go Panthers! Win State!
-thanks for stopping by!


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