>Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

>After a week of full rain last week I was worried that I would have to start rescheduling sessions. Well, Mr. K must have the luck of the Irish because we were greeted with one of the most spectacular fall mornings ever! Bright blue skies and colors that just popped with autumn’s splendor. Check it out:

Did I mention K’s one handsome guy? I didn’t? Well, I probably assumed that you would figure that out for yourself. You did, right? Okay. I mean how many guys can pull off photos in the corn? Oh, and his dad was totally helping with blocking the sun. Dad, you’re an awesome assistant!

His school is in the middle of fields so we hung out at the front entrance for a few shots. I love how casual and confident he looks in this shot. He knows exactly who he is and where he’s going. Which is FAR!!! Lots of smarts and talent in this young man.

Rockin‘ out the “senior” look in this photo. Cuz he’s a senior.

Thanks for spending the morning with me, Mr. K. I had an awesome time with you and your parents. As always
-thanks for stopping by!


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