>He Barely Made It Out Alive!

>Remember this handsome guy? His mother (cause she’s savvy) opted to do two senior sessions. One in the summer and one in the fall. The best of both worlds: color and warmth. Can’t beat a good idea! Anyway, I got to spend some time with Mr. M the other day to wrap up his senior photos. We opted to get as far away from nature (his first shoot) as possible and headed downtown to some harder-edged areas. This first one is a new favorite of mine. I just love his winning smile against all that brick. Yeah, he’s a handsome one!

Did I mention they wanted some color? Well we found it, babies! Believe it or not, this is right smack in the middle of downtown. Can’t get much more vibrant than that!

Here’s an example of why it’s a good thing to just trust me if I tell you I have an idea. He kinda thought the window was cool. I told him it was awesome and i would work some magic with it. I can’t wait to see if he likes it or not. Oh, and you too, Mom!

Now, at this point you’re probably telling yourself that my title was misleading. There’s been nothing to even hint at danger. But wait! You’d be wrong! I didn’t mention that mom did not come along on this little adventure. Big sis did. Well, sisters don’t mind so much if I tell their little brother that we’re going to shoot in the middle of one of the busiest downtown streets. They don’t mind hardly at all. Now moms? They kinda mind when they hear about it later over the family dinner. So, just to prove to mom that he was never in any danger at all, here’s the shot:

Honestly, he looks happy and pretty relaxed, wouldn’t you say? Good thing his mom and I are good friends–I could have really had some explaining to do! As it was, I simply smiled and said
thanks for stopping by!


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