>Record Breaker

>Recently I had the pleasure of getting to meet this handsome young man, Mr. T. I’m not sure he was really excited about getting his picture taken but, because of my hilarious personality and good jokes (my children are you reading this?) I think he had a good time. And, let me tell you, he can’t not smile! Gotta love a guy who has a permanent smile on his face. Especially when he’s as good looking as this:

Plus, besides being handsome, he’s smart! He told me he’s thinking about being a history teacher. I love history. So, yeah, he’ll always be one of my favorites now 😉 And, like most of my senior guys, he’s an athlete. Now, I’m not sure because it’s pretty subtle, but if you look at this picture can you tell what sport he’s in? It’s pretty tough….if you need a hint let me know….

Did you get it? lol! I’m not sure, it’s been a while since I hit a baseball, but I think I’d be a little intimidated if I was standing at home plate with him as a pitcher. Might be a strike or two on my part. Now, if he was smiling at me like this, that would be a different matter! And, I’m thinking, I may be wrong, but mom just may be partial to this one. Mom? Am I right?

Now, just so you know I have a real reason for titling this post “record breaker,” he is one! And he did it right here in the Fort Wayne TinCaps Stadium! I may get this wrong but I’m pretty sure he broke two. I know one was he was the first high school pitcher to pitch here. The other I’m blaming on my memory…. I won’t embarrass myself by saying but let’s just go with I know it was two! So, color me impressed!! With a start like he’s had in high school you can bet that he will go FAR!!

So, Mr. T, I hope you had fun, even if it was a little chilly. And I know that I will see you on the pitching mound this spring…even if you are on that other team!
-thanks for stopping by!


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