>The Other Step-Sisters

>Cinderella would have us believe that all step-sisters are ugly, mean, nasty people. Well, let me tell you that these two prove other wise. They are the sweetest, cutest, most giggly sisters! And best friends as well. Oh, did I mention they’re cute? I did? Well, it bears repeating. Don’t just take my word for it though, here, see for yourself:

And if you think that they are cute together then check them out individually. This is Miss C. Beautiful, yes? Those eyes! I’ve said it before: blue eyes just fascinate me. And hers as such a pretty shade. Her lovely smile doesn’t hurt either!

Miss M. Now, let me tell you, I have known Miss M since she was in third grade. This, my friends, is one of the sweetest, smiliest girls you will ever see. Plus, she’s going into photography! Yup, she’s awesome 😉

She wanted to bring her pups. The little one is FiFi. Perfect name for such a small bundle of fluff. Mom said that she is quite old (like 10-11 years old). See her tongue? It stuck out all the time. SO cute. It totally reminded me of Rags the dog on the TV show Spin City. Only Miss FiFi is a little slimmer and trimmer. And she was well-dressed as well…she wore a little pink sweater when she wasn’t working it for the camera.

Here’s the rest of the pack. Mom and Dad were working hard to get these guys to sit for the camera. I think mom and dad deserve the “Hardest working” award for trying to rein them in! You rock, mom and dad!

Hope you like your sneak peek, girls! I had a great time meeting you and seeing what awesome friends/sisters you are. You two are truly special.
-thanks for stopping by!


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