>Fun Down On The Farm

>I recently met up with one of my favorite families, the O’s at a local park that’s a somewhat working farm. My husband’s tractor club plows it. Yes, tractor club. Living the wild life over here! Anyway, when mom called me and asked for some places to go I thought that the girls would love seeing the farm animals. Luckily I was right! Even dad seemed to get into the chickens!

And I knew that they would adore the baby goats! Of course, I thought they were pretty cute, too. But, really, how could you not find these little guys irresistible?

We had to take a minute and get young Miss K in her volleyball uniform. She’s been playing for quite a while so I was happy to hear she made her middle school’s team. You go, girl! Doesn’t she look like she’s ready to hit the court? Of course, let’s hope it’s a warmer court than the day we had when we were taking these pics!

Here’s her little sis. Now tell me that you can look at these eyes and not fall in love? Is she not the cutest little thing ever? And sassy!!! She’s got that totally covered-lol! Gotta love a little gal who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to let you know! haha.

Little Miss Sass wanted to get back to the baby billy goats so I took a moment to snap a few with mom and Miss K. Yeah, they are beautiful. Mom, you are a stunner! Don’t ever think otherwise!

Thanks for spending the morning with me, O family! I had a great time with you guys. We will have to get together again real soon.
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