>A Real Beauty

>I had the good fortune to get to photograph Miss A for her senior photos. Isn’t she lovely? Plus, her personality makes her just as lovely inside. I was referred to her by her boyfriend, who you might remember from here. I haven’t seen them together but I bet they are a stunning couple. And with the personalities they both have I bet they’re lots of fun.

She brought this hat along just for a pic for Mr. L. Sweet. Those blue eyes are truly amazing. I have had a whole barrel of blue-eyed beauties lately. Being the mother of four dark-eyed babies, I always find blue eyes fascinating. And when they are as clear as hers they are down-right mesmerizing.

Yeah. Even laying down on the cold, wet ground she’s just lovely. And she was SO excited to do poses! Love it when my seniors are up for anything! Cause I usually ask them to do some odd things….jumping….kneeling….climbing….hanging….its always an adventure!!

This is one of her first images and definitely one of my favorites. The warm tones, contrasty colors and beautiful young lady definitely make it an image to remember. Oh, and her sister was helping me out with my reflector. Thanks, Sis! You did a good job!

Speaking of family, she brought the whole group along. They were so much fun! Mom said that they hadn’t had a family shot in several years so we quickly pulled them all together. Now, we got some more traditional family shots but, if you know me, you know all my clients MUST jump at some point. Don’t you think they look cute all jumping together? Definitely one that should be blown up big!! Now if there was only a way to capture on film all the laughing, chatting and good natured teasing that was going on. Have to get right on that.

Well, Miss A, I hope you like your sneak peek! The rest of the images will be along soon. Thanks so much for spending the afternoon with me! (and you too, mom and sisters!)
-thanks for stopping by!


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