>S = A Sweet Family

>See these two? Aren’t they cute? Plus, believe me when I say, they were sweet. Well, maybe more her than him. He was a little ornery, but then I like ornery people! They seem to understand me and my quirky sense of humor. Don’t you just love his eyes? I adore blue eyes!

Anyway, these two, one cute, one ornery, sweet people are responsible for the rest of these people:

Quite a crew, huh? Yeah, the two good looking tall guys in the back are the children of my sweet couple. They do good work, don’t they? The guys married the gals and the rest came along. Kind of cool how that all works, isn’t it. Those handsome young men in the middle you may recognize from here. Mom (on the right) thought a gift of photography would be great for grandma’s birthday. I thought it was a great idea! đŸ˜‰

Check out the proud grandparent’s:

And you know? I really think grandma and grandpa kind of like their grandsons. Maybe just a little.

Oh, and I HAVE to include this little guy. Is he not the cutest thing since sliced bread? I’m telling you, if I thought I could have gotten away with it he would have so been coming home with me! Those eyes…that smile…so sweet. Wonder if science could figure out a way to bottle him up….hmmm….may have to call NASA and tell them to get right on it.

Anyway, thanks S family for being so awesome! It was great getting to be around all those rambunctious boys. It’s a little like the fountain of youth…
-thanks for stopping by!


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