>Jerica and Andy

>Jerica and Andy got married on a perfect September day. Beautiful blue skies, not too hot, very little wind and at their awesome country property. But, really, how could you expect anything less than perfection when you start out with a bride like this?

Her eyes? Yeah, 100% real. That blue just cuts right through you, doesn’t it?

We like to try to get to the makeup session. Do you see her? One of my favorites from the day.

Yes, yes you are a big deal. A very big deal.

Ahhh….perfection! You are a b-e-a-utiful bride, Jerica!

It’s those eyes again! I love your smile! So full of joy. Andy, you are one lucky groom!!

Told you their property is gorgeous! That pond behind her? Andy dug that. He’s quite handy. I wonder if he’d dig a pond for me? I mean, I live in an addition…on a hill…but hey! I can have a pond if I want, right? If the hubster let’s me, that is 🙂

Did you notice her flowers? Those flowers smelled incredible! Just fantastic. The tent’s tables had several bouquets on each table and it was just a floral bonanza. Reminded me of a rose garden.

Here’s Andy! Isn’t he adorable? Definitely one awesome looking couple. To quote Jerica: “we are going to have such cute kids!” Uhhhh, I second that! They are going to be out of this world. And I’m putting my bid in right now to do the baby shots. K? k.

Yeah, the pool? Handy Andy again! Hmmm…I changed my mind. I would like a pool. Can you get right on that, Andy? Oh, and you can landscape for me too, right?

Don’t you love this shot of them? Its definitely another favorite. Their runway-ness, the light, the setting. Yeah. You understand.

Last, but definitely, most certainly, not anywhere near least, this shot. My trusty assistant, who happens to be my best friend, got this one. Don’t you just love the innocence in this? So sweet. Thanks, Renee, you do good work!

Ok, Jerica and Andy, that’s your sneak peek. There are tons and tons more that I am diligently working on. Soon, my pretties, soon, they will be ready for your viewing pleasure. Until then,
-thanks for stopping by!


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