>You know I love my seniors. I really and truly do. They are all so excited about what the future holds for them. So much passion and eagerness to get out there and take on the world. Dreams, aspirations and no fear. Wait, did I say no fear? Yeah, I forgot about senior boys. Because, like most men, senior men are no different in that the very mention of “photos” brings fear to their heart. Puts ice in their veins. Makes their knees quake. You get the idea. So, for me, it’s always a bonus when, at the end of the session, they admit they had a good time. I am, after all, a great deal of fun (just don’t ask my children to verify that). Most of my senior guys don’t even realize that two hours have passed!

Take this young man, Mr. R. He definitely was not excited at the prospect of having his picture taken. But, he was quickly laughing, jumping around and swatting mosquitoes with me. Good times. Here, see for yourself:
Did you guess he’s a baseball player? Did you guess pitcher? Then you got it right! He is and he is. I can’t wait to go to a game this spring and see all my baseball senior guys! Gonna be a hoot! I wonder if they would put my name on their mitts….hmmm…..nah…prolly not.

This one is one of our first shots. And one of my favorites. Love how relaxed he looks.

See K? It wasn’t so bad. And you look awesome! Hope you liked your sneak peek.
-thanks for stopping by!


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