>Kute With a "K"

>As you may have noticed, I don’t photograph babies too often. Believe me, it’s not because I don’t like them! Little babies, so fresh, so new, so incredibly sweet, are a favorite of mine. Love those new little faces! So, when a dear friend of mine texted and said her daughter was having a baby I offered my services! And am I glad I did! Look at this sweet little thing! Is she not adorable?

Plus, she’s just as cute from behind! Love, love, love little baby feet. So incredibly small and yet so detailed. I miss baby feet….my kids are all in ski-size shoes. Nothing cute about them!

Little Miss K let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she was not impressed with me. Now really, I ask you, who but a sweet baby could make this face and still be considered absolutely adorable?

And then, I think she had enough. She was finished. How did I know? She gave me the universal signal for “lights out”:

Yeah, you see why I would love to get my hands on more babies? Love ’em! Thanks Grandma Sue for letting me get a hold of your newest grand baby! I loved every minute.
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3 thoughts on “>Kute With a "K"

  1. >Michelle – Thank you so very much for the "kute" pictures of little Miss K. You did such a wonderful job and her mommy was so happy with the patience you had with her and her binky.(You know she hasn't hardly used that thing since picture day!)I can hardly wait to see the rest of them!!!Thanks again, Nana Sue

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