>Score One For The Team!

>If you live in Indiana you live and you’re a football fan then you probably are a fan of the Colts. Yup, that’s right, Peyton’s team. Well, this family, with the exception of a few rebels, are big Colts fans! (The rebels are fond of the Cowboys and the Dolphins). Of course, there were a few jabs about the rivalry of the teams but, all in all, this is one fun, connected family! Lots of laughs, smiles and all around fun. See for yourself:

Yes, that’s right, even the pups get into the spirit of supporting the team!
Here’s the two responsible for that good looking group of kids. Yeah, is mom not gorgeous? Definite 6-pointer in the looks department!

Now, really, how cute is the littlest punter on the team? I could have spent all day with just her. She was totally captivated by the pups. Here she’s wondering where they were going. Or is she asking why in the world “that strange lady with the big camera” is watching her? Hmmmmm…tough call. May need to leave that one to the refs.

Oh look! There goes a doggie! Maybe he’s running down the sidelines! Yeah, I TOLD you she’s adorable!

“Hey lady! I got a problem with that last call! Are you nuts or what? Anyone can see that I’m just about the sweetest thing this side of the 50 yard line!”

Yeah, that’s totally what she was saying…totally.
Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek, Team F!
-thanks for stopping by!


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