>Almost a Century

>This past week my grandmother, my dad’s mom, turned 90. Wow! Talk about a mile-stone! Plus, just looking at her, you would never guess that she’s that young. She looks awesome! It also doesn’t hurt that she’s active, has lots of friends and family and is feisty. Hmmm….maybe that’s where I get it from? lol! Here she is with my dad. Doesn’t he still look like a little boy with his momma? Doesn’t seem to matter how old mother or child is, you always feel little (and slightly in trouble) when you’re with your mom!

Here’s my dad again with his two aunts. His mom’s sisters. Seems like that “young-looking” gene runs in the family!

Again, my dad and his aunt. I had to share this one ’cause I just think they look so incredibly cute together! I don’t know but I think he looks a little like her. Opinions?

And the group. Yes, my grandmother, at 90, still has her brother and sisters. I loved that they were all able to come and celebrate her special day. The good-looking gene seems to be running through the family too!

Of course, since we hosted the event, my children were around. Miss Stephanie especially enjoyed the party. As you can see here:

I’d say I reprimanded her for her behavior, but who am I kidding? I was laughing too hard…
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