>Red, White and Blue Eyes

>Every once in a while I meet a teenager who totally impresses me with their drive and long-range goals. This past weekend I met Mr. L. He is one of those teens. Drive? Oh yeah, he’s got it. He had just returned from the first half of basic training. Yes, I said basic training. He’s entering his senior year and has already accomplished that first major part of his career. Pretty cool, huh? Huah! Plus, he was very well-spoken, polite and just darn good-lookin‘! (I’m sure his mom will second that). And, he never complained once about the million mosquito bites we got! Even after I made him go into the middle of a mosquito infested field. He’s a real {para}trooper!! Sorry, I had to. So, thanks Mr. L for allowing me to take up some of your valuable free time. Enjoy your senior year, you deserve a great one!

I know I say I love all my seniors–but I do! They are all so fun and interesting. Such varied goals and hopes for the future. Its like my own fountain of youth!
-thanks for stopping by!


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