>Now, you can take that title any way you want. You can think of your windshield icing over in the winter. Always a treat on cold, winter work mornings. Or you can think of icing as in chocolate cake. That’s where my mind usually goes with that word. Mmmmm…. Oh, sorry, back to the subject. Icing. Ok, if you’re talking about this senior you’d be thinking hockey. “Cause that’s what he plays. And, as evidenced by my short time on the ice with him, I’m going to go out on thin ice (I kill my self!!) and say he’s pretty good. Fast, accurate and a killer smile. Plus, he plays guitar! Gotta love a senior who will rock out for me. Maybe I should make that a must in all my session! Anyway, I’ve made mom wait long enough….here you go. I present to you, Mr. B!

I had a great time shooting with you, B. Going out on the ice was a first for me but something I hope to do again soon. Thanks for allowing me to take your seniors pics.

as always-thanks for stopping by!


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