>Hold On!

>Fifteen? No way! It is simply not possible that my boys are fifteen. My boys are not those two hulking eating machines that hang around my house. Why just yesterday they looked like this:

And now? This:
(Just so you can see the difference, the boys are actually in the same place in both pictures. That’s Chris on the left and Nick on the right).

Yeah, they’re still cute and all, but, hey! they were tons cuter when they really couldn’t argue, fight and I could split a happy meal between them.

Here they are with grandpa and grandma. Please notice that grandpa hasn’t changed! Coming from the standpoint of someone who has acquired gray hair and laugh lines (notice I did not say crow’s feet) I find his lack of change totally unfair.

And look! It’s a birthday miracle! We got Brad to get into the picture. And lo and behold, is that a smile I see on his incredibly tanned face? It is! It is! It was a red-letter day.

Of course, my wild and crazy girls could not resist getting in the picture with their little brothers. Awwww what a cute group I birthed. (I did that just for the girls. I know they’re going “eeewwww” right about now).

Then the girls went and ruined it all by giving them kisses. Yeah, I don’t think the boys were enjoying it. Of course, it could just be my take on the matter. What do you think?

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