>Keepin’ It Real

>For those of you who have seen me in action you know that I am not often without one of my children. My girls, in particular, like to be involved in whatever I am doing. For that reason I often take them with me on my photo shoots. They have become quite invaluable when it comes to helping with lighting, posing and schlepping equipment. Plus, they make darn nice company. They definitely help to break the ice when it comes to my high school seniors! They know the “language” of teens and are up on the music and such. I try, I try. I fail miserably short when it comes to the music though 🙂 Unless you like country music. Then I am right on top of it!

Anyway, as often as my girls are with me, I don’t get pictures of them with my clients. I think that’s all about to change though. And it’s all because of this shot right here:

Danielle is a friend of Mr. T and decided to tease him a little bit. He was so good-natured about it, dontcha think? Both of them are so cute, too! Oh, sorry, Mr. T., you’re not cute, definitely not cute. Rugged, tough, mean, yes. Definitely not cute. Danielle, however, you are. And don’t forget it!

-thanks for stopping by


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