>T stands for:

>Tough! Yup. That’s this guy. Varsity Football player, baseball player and just all around sports guy. And see that picture on the top right? Yeah. That’s his game face. I know I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the line with him looking at me like that! Now…behind the camera is another story. Especially since he’s a really great guy. I met him while working at school. He came in with a bunch of other high schoolers to work with our elementary class. Awesome! Plus, not only is he an athlete with unlimited potential, he’s a stellar student. Yeah, maybe that “T” stands for Terrific. Hmmmm….I’d ask Mom, but I think I already know her answer! And who could blame her? I’d be pretty proud of a son like this, too!

So, Mr T (yes, that’s his name, not a reference to his athleticism and the 80’s show. I know, I lost the younger crowd with that one. Look it up, k?) here’s your sneak peek. I hope you like. There’s lots more to come. Oh, and I made sure to get some of you not smiling. Wouldn’t want the opposing teams to get the wrong idea! 😉

-thanks for stopping by!


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