>He Grew Up!

>See this handsome guy right here? Yeah, he’s the key indicator (besides my own children) that I am officially getting older. Not old, mind you, just older. At least another year than when I first remember meeting him. Which was when he was in elementary school. And, if you think he’s a good looking fellow now, you should have seen how adorable he was in grade school! Yeah, cute. Plus, he’s smart, athletic, and has an awesome personality. (I know, I know, I say that about all my seniors, but I really do mean it. I get the most awesome young people). Anyway, M works at a day camp and wanted some pictures out on the property of it. So, I, being agreeable, trekked through the woods, across streams, and braved malaria-ridden mosquitoes to snap some pics. I think, and I hope you agree from this sneak peek, that it was worth it. Oh, and by the way, I’d do it again for the light and locations that we found. Just don’t tell them that. They still feel bad about the malaria-ridden mosquitoes. (just kidding 😉 )

-thanks for stopping by!


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