>Like No Udder

>…this limo that is! I recently met with the owner/driver/big idea-er of this limo, Jeff. He’s a great guy with lots of fun ideas and plans for his calf…er…baby, the Chips n Giggles limo. But, really, what could be more fun than riding around in this? It shoots not only gas (smoke) but cow chips (brown ping pong balls) and gives “milk” (water). Too hysterical! He also has the cow “moooooo” as he’s driving down the road. Talk about a grand entrance! Yup, they’ll all know you pulled up. Steph thought it was too, too funny. And even got to ride on the cow, and not in it. Of course, I may not let her live it down. I’m adding it to my list of pictures, aka blackmail, for her graduation/wedding/future children photos list. Anyway, here’s a few shots of the limo:

If you’re interested in renting this bad boy for your next event you can find info here. I’m sure you’ll find it to be a “memooooooooooooooooorable” experience!!
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