>busy, busy weekend…
lots of fun things to do and people to see.
friday night was my FIL’s birthday party
good food, family, fun games and who could forget the cake?
love some cake!
saturday we spent the evening with good friends
again with the good food, good conversations and a campfire to
chat by…love those casual evenings that center on relaxation
and sunday was full of PHOTOS!!!
we met a great family in the morning for a shoot
and an awesome senior in the afternoon
both were full of laughs and lots of good nature
couldn’t have asked for more.
really makes me thankful that i get to do something i enjoy and
can (hopefully someday) make a career of it.
anyway….here’s one from the family shoot
did i mention these girls were full of life and fun??? and cute too!!!

have a great monday!

2 thoughts on “

  1. >Oh I just love these kinds of poses! and those 2 make it even cuter:) Nice Job! I do wish it was a little darker around the edges to draw more attention to them but that may just be a personal preference:)

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