>well, today was my oldest’s 15th birthday
kind of low-key
the big party is today…only 4 girls that i know of
but, seriously, 4 girls + my 2 = one crazy night
should be fun
anyway, dd enjoyed her little cake party with my parents
she dressed up just for my mom

and thought she was just hilarious…

and then decided that since she was having so much fun
that grandma would enjoy it too!
or course, grandma thinks she is a riot

even Ethel got in on the fun
although i don’t think Eth thought it was all that fun-lol

and yes, i am already being pestered to get her into driver’s ed
so she can drive as soon as possible
sigh…how much gray can one box of color cover?

ps: photobucket was wonky tonight and would not upload photos…that is why
these are so small. did anyone else have this problem? thanks!


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