my dd is a good sport
we spent the better part of the morning at the
she had had a really bad pain in her lower abdomen
for two days
being an appendectomy survivor i was worried
knew the pain was on the wrong side but still worried
mom thing
this is her patiently putting up with her mother
while waiting to be able to produce a sample (kwim?)
(she was sitting on the exam table-not elsewhere!!! LOL!)
she was thoroughly disgusted-it was her first time
she’s fine.
maybe a pulled muscle
ibuprofen and tonight she was out playing volleyball
kid thing

8 thoughts on “

  1. >OK, so you took this pic while she was taking a sampe?! LOL Just kiddin 🙂 She is beautiful. I had my apendectomy out – 5 days in the hospital, it had burt, couldn’t walk for 3 days, they messed up. I have a lovely long scar to show for it. Then my brother had one a couple of years later – he was in and out and only a teeny tiny dot for a scar. glad everything came out ok! I always worry when my daughetr’s tell me they have a tummy ache.

  2. >I like the urban feel and the crop here…very artsy. Glad she’s ok too, I’m a total freak when it comes to stuff like this…get me as far away from a hospital/clinic as I can get;)

  3. >Its a lovely picture of you dd. Im sure she wasn’t happy with taking pictures of her at the doctors office. I did it to my dd a few years ago, she had broken her leg and ankle bouncing on a trampoline in platform shoes with friends. It required surgery and a 5 inch stablizing pin that stuck out her ankle for 6 weeks. I was rigtht there with the camera when the cast came off and the pin came out, she wasn’t happy with me. We laugh about it now, good times.

  4. >I’m loving your BIG pics! Good job girl!I think the PP you did on this shot totally sets the mood (goes with the story) kwim?Your journaling reminds me of the time that I took pics of my dd when she was waiting in the ER with a broken arm…I’m a bad mommy…but I’m glad your dd is fine!

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