got another attachment…
this is my dad
he’s the best dad and definitely the best grandpa ever!
he takes the kids to the dentist and eye doctor for me,
picks them up from school in the rain, gets my oldest
son out of my hair, oh and he has even picked up the
dog’s medicine for us!
definitely attached.
and not just for what he does for us but because we know
how much he loves us….



6 thoughts on “

  1. >I like the vignette/burning on this photos…blended very well. It’s a nice tribute to your dad, wish I had more of my dad…need to work on that. Would make a nice Father’s day something or other and you’re just the creative soul to come up with something. I’ll be waiting;)

  2. >Someone told me once that Dad’s turn out to be better Grandpa’s and it’s so true with my Dad! He definitely steps it up when it comes to helping me out with my DD. Great photo!

  3. >How wonderful that your dad helps you out this much ~ and you have such a great relationship ~ I only get to see my dad once a month or so and I really miss him!

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