this weather topic is doing me in
who would have thought 2 months ago
that i’d be wishing for some storms?
and all week long it’s been mostly
gorgeous blue skies
so, to liven it up for myself
i’m posting some pics from the girls’
soccer tournament friday night
(and yes the weather was beautiful)
we won the first round! yeah!

these two are some of my favs…
that’s oldest dd in the yellow
attacking the ball…

who knew she would fly in soccer?!
can you guess by now that i am a sucker
for airborne shots?


3 thoughts on “

  1. >Happy Mother’s Day girlie!I love that you’re capturing great soccer shots, especially during the day! And that last shot where she’s flying is pretty cool too!To answer your question, first I had to change my blog template since my previous one limited me within two columns. But what I ended up doing (and you might want to do that first) is upload your shot to photobucket (instead of uploading from your pc), then on the page where you see the preview, click on the tab that says ‘HTML’ and find the dimensions (width) to 600 and that makes it that big…I don’t know if that makes sense….but there’s a link on the MB that I posted called ‘HOW COME?’…

  2. >I’m back again just to let you know that I posted a ‘mini’ tutorial on how to make the pics bigger (on MB). It’s titled “FOR MICHELLE-….”Hope it helps! šŸ˜‰

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