this is my baby
my little pride and joy
no it’s the kids, right?
the kids are my pride and joy
but this one is a close runner up.
for you non-sewers out there
it is a Singer Featherweight
no it is not that light weight
but compared to the treadle machines that
were popular when this baby came out
its a….pardon me….light as a feather
dh brought home this beauty for me
from a tractor swap meet
he had to bring home one of these because
i had forbidden him from bringing home
another treadle (got 4, thank you!)
and, yes, this little beauty still works!
got it cleaned and oiled and i’ve sewn on it
not often though
i still like the bells and whistles of my newer machine.


5 thoughts on “

  1. >:) Brings back memories of my grandmother! Cool machine- not that I have a slight clue about how to sew- I can still appreciate a good thing when I see it 🙂

  2. >Oh it’s a beauty. I used to have one, though it wasn’t in a good a condition as this one. Look at how glossy it’s laquer is. You’ve really captured its lustre hereChris

  3. >WOW!!! That’s a pretty cool gadget there girlie!!!I know you like to sew and I can only guess it’s like having a ‘antique car’ just for the sake of having it…though your brand new one is the one you use huh?And I know I’m late but want to wish you a blessed year (birthday)…your cake ‘took the cake’…so funny…

  4. >Sorry I’m so late (a whole day) posting this! Awesome old sewing machine. These pictures are great! I sew, but I’m not “sew” good at it!

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