this week’s theme:
something old
well, according to my kids
it’s me today!
still in the 30’s so that’s something

the girls wanted to make me a cake
of course i couldn’t see
or be anywhere near it while the
making was being done
not knowing this i walked by during the
when they confirmed my age
i corrected them with my standard
“i’m really 21”
check out my cake!
have i told you how funny my girls are?
well they are!
happy friday!

10 thoughts on “

  1. >Happy Birthday!!!ROFLMBO, that is a fun cake, but even better that you documented it. It would be fun to have a small album that has nothing but a series of “29th” birthday cakes…

  2. >CUTE!!! You’re not old… nowhere near it, despite what the kids say.For me, when I reached 30, I just started celebrating anniversaries of my 29th birthday. Sounds better that way. :)Happy 38th… er, I mean 21st, Birthday!

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