>as promised
a few more shots from the Johnny Appleseed park
these are from the grave site area
don’t worry
no ghosts, ghouls or grisly photos are involved
this is what i saw walking up the hill
i did not put the apple there
though i did find it amusing that someone thought to do it

this is inside the grave
i was surprised you can still walk in
this photo doesn’t show it
but there were several apples scattered over the grave
someone out there has way too much time

and when you turn around at the gate
this is what you see
surprisingly this little slice of heaven is between
some heavy congestion
on the right is our coliseum and ball park
on the left is a busy street with a river running
between and a sports complex
amazing how you can find spots of total
relaxation in the middle of chaos

and for tomorrow?
well there’s another side to this park…


6 thoughts on “

  1. >How do you know Johhny didn’t leave those apples there 😉 LOL Really cool pictures again, love the history – I remember hearing about Johnny growing up – I just hought he was the coolest. I think that first pic is my favorite with the apple on the fence.

  2. >What a really cool old gravesite. Love the fence around it! The apple ~ I agree someone has too much time on their hands but hey it made for a great photo for you!

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