>in our city there is a grave of a somewhat
famous man
probably those of you in the west have not
heard of him
but in Indiana and Ohio he was pretty much
common knowledge
his name?
Johhny Appleseed
well, what did he do, you ask?
why he walked around and
planted apple seeds, of course!
and since we in our fair town
have the illustrious honor of him going toes up here
we have a park dedicated to him
there’s a grave site too,
but, hey, i gotta save something for tomorrow!

i honestly can’t tell you the story of this cabin
i just think it’s pretty cool
not very big at all
can’t even imagine living by myself in it
let alone with a passel full of kids
it was/is probably very similar to one that
Johnny Appleseed would have stayed in as he
passed thru planting his apple seeds

and here’s some of the blossoms of the fruit of
his labor
nah, these trees probably aren’t that old
but i thought the blossoms were pretty
it was incredibly windy out so i had to wait for a
break in the wind to get this

happy tuesday!


11 thoughts on “

  1. >I thought that Johnny Appleseed was an urban legend, like Paul Bunyan. How cool that he was real! Fun shots, thats a great cabin.P.S. The Outer Banks are in N. Carolina. Amazing place is you ever get the chance to go.

  2. >Yep,we know Johnny Appleseed in Texas. In fact, kindergarten often does a unit on apples in the fall and he is a big part of it! 🙂 How fun. I can’t wait to see more. TFS!

  3. >I live in WY. and I know who Johnny Appleseed is, we learned about him in school! I really like the second shot (through the branches) ~ it draws your eye back to the cabin.

  4. >You have such a flair with words. I am in MN and know of this legend. Liking the old cabin.I am so waiting for our apple tree to blossom…it has beginning to leaf out!

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