>dh, youngest ds, and i went out for
lunch on saturday
it was so nice only having one kid
not only did it save tons on the bill
but we got to talk to him
and not be interrupted!
gotta do that more with ’em all
had the camera along
and was trying to get some interesting
shots of old things
always thinking ahead!
got this fire hydrant

and this building was across
the street from where we ate
loved the details
it’s all in the details isn’t it?

and of course,
since i loved the atmosphere of this little restaurant
i had to get an interior shot
dh about had a fit
i haven’t done that with him along before
i gave him my rationale for most everything i do:
none of these people are going home with me,
what do i care what they think?


7 thoughts on “

  1. >good for you for thinking ahead. Love the details on the building, and love the fact that you have the guts to pull your camera out anywhere… I do that ALL THE TIME! lol.

  2. >The fire hydrant is my favorite pic. Too funny about your first comment, 3 old things, not a pic of your in the bunch. I had looked to see the theme this week, but didn’t find anything yet… I was thinking about a pic of myself, but that’s just scary…. LOL

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