>Peaceful & Sweet

>this is my oldest son
and he is a handful
if you can get in trouble for doing it
he has done it!
we should have just named him Ornery
that being said
this is one of my favorite photos of him
not moving
not causing trouble
just peaceful

and this little girl
is one of the children i work with
(you may recall i am a sign language interpreter)
she really doesn’t need me
and pretty much ignores me
she has one of the sweetest dispositions
very quiet, intelligent and shy
this has been one of the best school years for me yet!

cc: top one obvious conversion. i used Brenda’s
the bottom one i pretty much just played
in the curves, did some masking and a little
dodging. it’s almost SOOC.


3 thoughts on “>Peaceful & Sweet

  1. >That is so funny about your son. When I was in kindergarten (100 years ago), I had a stuffed animal that I carried EVERYWHERE with me. My parents tell me that I named it Ornery because that is what they always called me. LOLNice shots. Gotta love it when they’re sleeping. 🙂

  2. >LoL about your son. And that picture of the little girl is so adorable…I didn’t realize that you were an interpreter. I would LOVE to learn sign language!

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