emotion: entranced
dds had a soccer game last night
and won!
love to see ’em play but love to see
’em win a tough game even more
especially with really loud mothers
from the other team behind me
being annoying
this little guy is oldest dd’s best friend’s
little brother
his birthday was yesterday and he got
this little remote
he was loving it
’til he saw the sand in the long jump

remember my poll?
new lens or class?
i got the lens
it came on Wednesday and i’ve been in love ever since
this is the wide angle end of it
covers almost the whole field
and those cat photos yesterday are from the other end
did i say i love this lens?
happy friday!


5 thoughts on “

  1. >Congrats πŸ™‚ I love the first picture and the way you set up the second one πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see more pics with your new lens!

  2. >fun shots!! And, congratulations on your new lens, too. Yay for you!! I’ve missed some of your recent shots, so I’ll just say how great they are. I can totally relate to your dd’s bed/cell phone shot. I get looks just like that from my dd and her cell phone has become a permanent appendage!! Also, love the snow shots–the b&w is so peaceful. I love that shot!! Anyway, great job over the last few days…

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