you would think that for not having the ability to
express emotions
that you could not possibly tell what they were feeling!
but i think if you look close enough
and pay attention
that you can definitely tell

so here’s some pet emotions:

(because she hates being held when she’s on the go)
don’t we all!
and if she acts like she doesn’t care
the kids let her go faster!

and thanks for the fix-it suggestions yesterday!
i adjusted the highlights in curves and came up
with this
see how much i learn from you all!?


7 thoughts on “

  1. >I just love the cats – really great job with the eyes too 🙂 Beautiful cats! And I can totally tell the disinterest and curioosity – very sweet 🙂

  2. >As a fellow cat lover they definitly show plenty of emotion! My dad says they don’t have personality because they don’t have eyebrows, LOL. Your cats are just beautiful, wonderful shots of them.

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