todays’s emotion is a toss-up
it could be concentration
or it could be passionate
because this little girl on the soccer field is
both of those things
of course she pretty much approaches
everything this way
she gives it her all
and then walks away satisfied
unless she loses
but thats a whole other emotion!

i don’t know why that first one is sooooo
i had to really play just to get it to that
plus there was part of a head in the bottom left corner…
what’s with those other spectators who feel
the need to walk right in front of a camera?
i mean, come on people, the lens is freakin’ long!!!!
how can you miss it? 🙂


13 thoughts on “

  1. >I like that your dd plays soccer . . . I can’t wait until mine are old enough to play, too! As for the first one, maybe you could try pulling down the highlights in curves or levels. It’s hard to know what to do without actually having the pic here in front of me, but it might be worth a try!

  2. >Your DD looks like an awesome player. My kids both play, too, and are about the same age, almost 13 & 14. They are both in practice but in this cold climate they won’t start games until mid to late May.I think the composition is great on the first and don’t know anything about fixing. I like how you have the team in the background.

  3. >I love looking at sports pictures! My favorite – I’m a sports freak LOL! Wished DD would play – she played for 2 years and said – nope not my thing! Now we have to run to cheerleading 4 days a week for 3 months and that’s just Pop Warner! She’s too much of a girly girl.

  4. >I just love the second picture. I think that would be fun to have all black and white in the background and her in color in the foreground… I don’t know. Great pic though.

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