here’s today’s emotion:
dd (as seen in yesterday’s post)
had let dh see her mp3 player
he was fascinated and overwhelmed
kept asking “how do you put the songs on?”
and “how many songs are on here?!”
so to help further his confusion
i went and got my ipod
and showed him how many songs i had
…and the photos (which is why i bought it)
…and the games
and the….
oh my!
he had to sit down
technology so overwhelms him!


9 thoughts on “

  1. >HILARIOUS! My DH just bought me an ipod and I’m been so intimidated by that darned thing, eventhough I know it’s slick and easy to use you know? This is so perfect…has he seen this shot?

  2. >That is funny – I would be the same way, I know nothing about that stuff – I think I’d be too addicted if I got an IPOD. I know dh wants one, so I may get him one first 🙂

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