that’s right!
in the word’s of ds:
winter is back
oh joy
i know we didn’t get as much as some folks did
buy hey, every little bit counts, right?
at least today the skies are blue again
it’s just the ground is white.

Results from yesterday’s survey:
i took all your advise into consideration
(thank you by the way)
and i went with the………..
new lens
and while i wait
i have dug out all my photography books!
so keep sending that wealth of knowledge my way
i need it!


7 thoughts on “

  1. >We just got dumped on with rain…and it’s still going actually…blagh!I really like this. You got the blacks black and the whites whiteChris

  2. >Ahhh, this is a great photo. I had to look to see if you were from my area because it looked like here a week ago but unfortunately I missed the shots w/being too busy.

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