woo hoo!
doin’ a little happy dance here
we had amazing weather yesterday
cold, yes
sunny, YES!
amazing what a difference a little sun can do for
your disposition!
everyone seemed just a little bit happier
and a half-day of school didn’t hurt

now on to the quiz section of this blog
dh said he would give me $ towards a new lens
or class
whichever i wanted
the lens i am leaning towards is
this one
the class i am leaning towards is
this one
what would you,
my wonderful blog-land friends do?
now, don’t all shout at once!
and thanks for your answers!

here’s wishing you beautiful blue skies today
because we’re expecting gray…
good thing i got these pics!


9 thoughts on “

  1. >Nice skies – I know what you mean about a dreary spring so far. Lens all the way – you can learn almost anything by surfing photography sites and Googling to your heart’s content. IMHO that is…

  2. >hmmmm….that’s a tough one! I’ve been eyeing their classes for quite some time now……but a new lens….gosh I can’t decided and it’s not really my decision LOL! ummmmm….man…….lens I guess, but don’t quote me on that, I’ll change my mind in a couple of minutes LOL

  3. >Oh, how I wish for blue sky- it’s been cold and grey here for weeks with only a few breaks. Thanks for sharing yours.I have a WA, and it is worth it’s weight in gold. I use it all winter when we’re stuck inside. I tend to use my telephoto more in the summer, but my WA is almost always with me when I have my camera. I don’t think you will be disappointed- although I’m not not familiar with this particular lens. Good luck!

  4. >For me, I’d probably go with the lens cause you’d have it forever. But I’ve been eyeing that class too adn I want to know what it’s like, so the selfish me wants you to take the class and tell us all about it on your blog!!!

  5. >I’m not the only one who changes their banner I see. I like the new banner, but…loved that cool from your other too…maybe you could add that pic somewhere else in your blog?I would say new lens too, but I know it’s a tough decision. You’ll make the right choice, I’m sure of it.Nice skies.

  6. >Love the blue sky/fluffy white cloud pics… I’m so ready to see them everyday at home!! Not sure what I would do given your choices… I’ve been wishing for a new WA this year, because I’ve been stuck inside so much. Whatever you do, good luck!!

  7. >I got to see a smidgen of blue skies too! Yay for us! And I’m very indecisive, so it would take forever for me to choose between the lens and the class…I have to say though…I’d probably go with the lens…or the class…LoL see? I’m indecisive!

  8. >Great sunny skies…wish we had them here. Looks like I’m the only one who says class all the way. Of course, a lens is a great investment, but you can always put it off and classes are sometimes hard to fit into your schedule…it looks like a great class and when I’m good enough, maybe I’ll take it! lol…

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