in lieu of a sun-pic
(as we have had no peek of the sun
in several days)
here’s a photo i took last week…
dh was soooo happy because he
got a winch for his trailer
so to demonstrate it for me
he had ds get on one of the lawn mowers
and pull it up
oh the excitement
-i say this in the dullest voice you can imagine-
but, in the spirit of marriage
i stood there
watched this modern marvel happen before me
rolled my eyes
and walked away

cc: SS 1/400; Manual; F/4.0; ISO 200; 50mm


9 thoughts on “

  1. >LoL your DH sounds just like my Dad! He loves everything lawn tractor, car, trailor….etc…you get the pictures! My mom and I have the same reaction to it as you do! Since we love him SO much…we go out into the yard and see what amazing thing he’s brought home this week….LoL

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