snow on the daffodils
that’s what i woke up to
i’m starting to think that maybe i am
that children’s fairy-tale
(i can’t think of the guy’s name)
and i slept thru summer and fall
then woke up in time for winter again!
and we are expecting more of the same
luckily it doesn’t stick around long
because i took these when i got home:

they’re my first attempt at macro
what do you think?
HHCC away!
and have a happy (spring) day
hopefully wherever you are in blog-land
it’s nice and warm
we’re getting more of that white stuff


10 thoughts on “

  1. >Great entry 🙂 Love the snow cover – and then the melting… those water droplets and the capture for your macro are great. I know my first try wasn’t that good 🙂 Happy Spring day to you too!

  2. >These are neat! I think those are tulips not daffodils. I AM SOO READY FOR SUMMER! I like #2. Good Job…and happy (spring) day to you too…although it just rained here – no snow!

  3. >We’re expecting FEET of snow today and through the weekend, so don’t feel too bad.Hey…good start on the macros. I’m not a macro pro, but I have realized that manual focus and a steady hand or tripod works wonders. Also…composition is what I think really makes a macro shot stand out. Did you use a macro lens for these?

  4. >Macro is so hare. I can’t wait to give it a go. #1 I’d love to see it cropped a little closer. I’m not really taken with #2 though. It’s in focus, but the composition doesn’t really grab me.

  5. >Looks just like my house! I’m so ready for warm, sunny weather!! I know nothing about macro, but the 2nd photo looks like a good start.

  6. >This is certainly a wacky weather season. It’s cold here too (and is rainning off and on) and we just enjoyed some nice 85+ degree weather.I am always in awe of those water droplet macro shots. So cool! TFS

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