sorry, i’m not on theme today
we have not had sun in about a week
grey clouds do not a pretty picture make
a sweet little girl in a bright yellow dress do!
so, this is my niece
she was actually rather timid with the eggs
we had to lay them in front of her to get her to
pick them up! LOL
maybe she thought it was a little strange to
have eggs laying around?
go figure the mind of a two year old!
i thought i had these pretty lightened
but they look dark here on the blogger screen
husband keeps telling me to get out the flash
but i don’t wanna!
tell me, what would you have done?
settings: ISO 400; 1/100; P mode; F 2.5; 50mm

9 thoughts on “

  1. >very sweet photos! I think the first one looks good, the second one is a little dark, but not too much. I’m with you…I just don’t want to use my flash if I absolutely don’t have to.

  2. >I hate to say this but….listen to hubby ;)I don’t like the flash myself (I also have the 430) but I just ordered the ‘lightsphere’ so I’m hoping that’ll make me love it (it’s only $49 at B&H). The pro’s recommended it so I’m just hoping it does the trick. I hate harsh lighting from the flash but this is supposed to make it more natural…On to CC your shots…I like the composition of #2 better, both shots seems like they could use some USM and color-pop action. I think that overall it’s a good shot, just some minor pp and you’re good to go. I’d done it exactly the same 😀 including the ‘ignoring’ of hubby’s requests for the flash…

  3. >You could try playing with curves/levels on these to lighten a tad, but they are not that bad really. Besides, what sweet memories! I love that she was timid with the eggs, so was my DS.

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