>because of a slime-free house
i have no pictures that conform to the
theme of the week
i guess i should be sad about that
but, hey, who can regret having a
slime-free house?

so, in an effort not to disappoint my
fellow POTDers i have taken
various snapshots of my Easter decorations

this is one of a set of mixing bowls i got at
everyone’s favorite store: Target
looks good with m & m’s, huh?
and at the bargain price of $2.50-
the bowls, not the candy-
how could i resist?

here’s a hobby lobby discounted cake stand
(can you tell i shop the bargain aisles?)
i like to think the bunny is happy here
with his picturesque card and scented candle
(see the placemat under the cake stand?
my kitchen is decorated in black toile
remind me someday to show you the rest)

and here’s a little plaque i finished the other
basically find a postcard you like
modge podge it to a plaque and staple
a sturdy ribbon to it
voila!! cheap art

and this little chicky was at Jo-Ann’s
(half-off…sorry couldn’t resist the
bargain theme)
his bright little face just begged to come home
with me
maybe i should introduce him to the bunny?
(again with that black toile thing ;D )

anyway, tfl!
it’s not martha stewart by any means
but, hey, it’s home!


10 thoughts on “

  1. >What great Easter decorations you’ve got out and about in your home! Love the wee chickie looking up at the camera. I like the angle of that shot.

  2. >Great Easter decorations – I am probably the biggest bargain hunter on the planet – -LOL I wil come home with bags of stuff and my hubby wil ask – how much did you spend a- and I’ll be like – $38 Literally I spent $38 dollars once and got 17 outfits. Ridiculous! And these are new! Hahahah – I’m always on the hunt šŸ™‚

  3. >cute decorations, and love the whole bargin shopping theme!! Much better than a slimy theme… I’m STILL wondering who’s idea the slime was!! lol.

  4. >Thanks for sharing your Easter decor – yes, much better than slime! I love that bowl from target and how can you go wrong with m & m’s. Happy Easter!

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