these are my boys
the twins
aka. “the nuts”
this is a rare moment:
they were getting along
not what i usually expect
of them
but since they were getting along
i took them out to lunch
real gourmet place:
Dog ‘n’ Suds
foot long coneys
and root beer floats

HHCC would be great on these
i struggled with the color
that red just about killed me!


10 thoughts on “

  1. >No help from me either, I really struggle with reds, my camera doesn’t like them. Yours look great here! Your boys are so handsome, great shots.

  2. >you are so lucky to have twins. I wish my dd had been twins, she is such a great and easy kid!!I like the shots, they are so handsome and the smiles are wonderful. I can understand the red giving you a hard time, but I think these are great in spite of that!

  3. >Color looks great ot me. Incredible eyes they have! Watch out ladies šŸ™‚ You know – I want boy twins for my last attempt with having kids . I need to figure out how to plan it naturally though, or figure out some trick that’s do it. My grandma was a twin, and I think as you get older the possibility is greater – that’s what I am banking on šŸ™‚ Any tips! LOL

  4. >Ok, what cuties you have here! I think the location is amazing, how fun! I would probably be there everyday for I just love that diner feel.The red rocks my friend! I guess there could be a slight red cast to the face, but it is certainly not obvious and not distracting. I think these could be my favorites from you thus far.SSSWEEEETT!

  5. >You just made me realize that I haven’t put a single easter decoration up! HA! I guess it’s alittle late now. NOt that I have much anyway… tfs

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