it really is Wednesday here
i noticed yesterday’s post said it was Monday
blogger clocks must be off.

anyway, the things we will do for the subject matter
i forced myself to order chinese
anyone buying this yet?
i knew that the tofu was slimy
so i HAD to order right?
support me here people
while the dog looked on in total confusion
i photographed my lunch
she was hoping i would knock it off the table
but i didn’t
i sucked down the whole thing!

sorry if this photo forces anyone to have
strong cravings for chinese food! 😀


15 thoughts on “

  1. >I’m a BIG fan of tofu (probably weird to a lot of you) it actually takes on the taste of whatever you put it with, it’s especailly good in breakfast burritos.So…the soup is perfect and yup, it’s slimy;) I like how you kept the entire bowl in the photo, it adds nice symmetery and porpotion.

  2. >I’m not a tofu person and really picky about what I order with chinese. But what a fun picture with the spoon and all. Looks very tasty 🙂

  3. >Well, I think you did that on purpose…I LOVE Chinese food and here you go taking a picture of it when I can’t have it…but it won’t be too long now…it’s all about will-power isn’t? Your color is right on. Love the contrasting colors blue/white/brown combination is pretty cool! Focus is good and sharp! TFS!

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