>ok, you asked for the color
it really is not much different from the
black and white
red slime
against red mulch
i think not.


another bird bath

this one is from the back yard

and it. is. really. slimy.

gross slimy

i haven’t cleaned it out yet this spring

it’s on my spring break list of things to do



9 thoughts on “

  1. >I like the color version just for the slime factor, the b&w is cool but doesn’t convey the feel of rotting vegatation in the birdbath. I think that may be one of the weirdest things I’ve ever typed. LOL

  2. >I’ll give you the props for getting slime. I just can’t do it other than my Aprils fools post. I can’t find anything interesting “and” slimy!!

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