this is the edited version
i kept looking at the other one and thinking it looked blue
i never thought of warming it up!
i guess that’s why we’re here, right?
thanks for all your comments!

it may be hard to tell but this bird bath is
quite slimy
and the wind was blowing so hard that those
light spots are white caps!


10 thoughts on “

  1. >I don’t know what white caps are… but I maximized your pic and I can tell that thing is slimmy alright….Your shot looks good. I like that you’re able to see the entire bird bath and some greenery in your shot.I don’t necesarily think the angle adds anything to the shot, but hey that’s JMO. Did you use the USM? I think it looks a bit grainy…could be the ISO…who knows. And one last thing, and don’t think I’m picking on you, just letting you know what I see… there’s definitely a blue color cast to it…TFS!

  2. >White caps in the bird bath!?! LOL! That is too funny! I also think it might be a little cool, but I don’t know…my eyes are way tired tonight.

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