these are the treat bottles that some of my

favorite friends will be getting for Easter

they are filled with jelly beans

i had a lot of fun making them

and dd had a lot of fun drinking the

frappuccinos to get the bottles!

cc: i tried a different color pop on these

yesterday’s stawberries had Aly’s color pop

on them, but apparently not enough….

so these i popped with Brenda’s actions

found here

oh! and those bottles? i got the idea here


12 thoughts on “

  1. >These are very cute – I might have to make some too! I like the second shot the best, great color and perspective on it. Color looks a little washed out on the third one, could just be my monitor. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. >totally cool idea, and I gotta tell you… I WILL be scraplifting your idea! Hope you don’t mind too much. I’ll change just enough to make it my own. lol. i love the design the colors and the shot of them is great!

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