some stawberries we picked up
of course by the time they were ate they had been
dipped in chocolate
is food week as hard on your diet as it is on mine?
HHCC on these is appreciated…i’m not sure i
like them.
SS 1/13; Manual; F 5.0; ISO 400; 50 mm


7 thoughts on “

  1. >I love using a color pop so im going to go with the other 2 on this one to make those strawberries pop. The shot is nice and ohhh I wonder if you can add sugar to these, that would be cool, lol.

  2. >Strawbrries……ummmmmy! I like the reds. The only cc I see is the light parts on the strawberry right in front is distracting to me. Maybe turning it just a bit to keep it from drawing all the attention.

  3. >Nice shot of the strawberries, can’t wait until they come into season here, should be soon, fresh strawberries, yum.LOL, this food week is killing me, everyones photos of food are causing serious cravings.

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