this is the top of the entertainment center
in the family room
the sewing machine is one of many that dh
has collected for me
he got so carried away that i had to limit him
to antique TOY sewing machines only!
running out of room
the photo is of the kids and their dad
before he left for iraq
they like that i allow a picture of their dad out
(he’s the ex)
i just like how happy they look in it
thanks for looking!
have a great weekend!

p.s. the action i ran on this is one of
Brenda’s Actions!
they are super!


4 thoughts on “

  1. >How nice you are to have a pic of your ex out! Not sure I could do that… I love old sewing machines–so much character! Can’t you just see a woman bent over this machine making clothes for her family? Unless this is a toy?? LOL…Nice shot–TFS

  2. >Ahhh.. that is really neat about the sewing machines. You are a great mom for thinking of your kids first. Very interesting mantel – I always look forward to reading the stories on your blog – and thank you for your lovely comments 🙂

  3. >very mature of you to have a pic of the ex..and good for the kids too! hadn’t been here since the fruit entry and i love your posts. it’s just that the week is hectic but i try to get caught up on the weekends…i like your “seasonal” vase, didn’t really see much reflections there…and cool eggs tooas far as the chicken, i think we all go through “decorating” phases…i sure know i do, but your detail was great on those shotsand yet, there’s the embroidery machine, girl, how many hobbies do you have? i think i’d be broke by now if i had all those hobbies…but more power to you…send a blankie my way…remember i got 3 dd’s and i can tell you their names if you’d like (j/k).

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