>First, A Thanks!

>first of all
let me take a minute to say thanks!
thanks for all your comments…
thanks for all your cc…
thanks for your “blog-land” friendship
it really means a lot to me
in this quest for photography-knowledge!
on with the show!

this is my 3rd or 4th love
there are so many!
this is my embroidery machine
i love it!
i can program it
hoop the project
push start and walk away!
and when i come back?
Voila! finished!
you can see here on the screen the project
i was working on…
and that rabbit on the right?
the result of a family joke: my (deaf) son doesn’t always
remember to say “m” so i am “bob”
and he finds it hilarious
so, to many close friends and family
i AM Bob
this is the design from my easter sweatshirt

finished project

project in process

thanks for looking!


8 thoughts on “>First, A Thanks!

  1. >great machine! how cool to be able to make your own embrodiered monograms and stuff! Good pics too, I like the last one best, like it’s in motion….

  2. >How neat…Bob. I love those machines. You did a great job with the shots. I always love coming to your blog and your music is great. I’m putting together a slide show for my HS graduating son and you inspired me to use this song in it. Thanks. Oh and BTW…love your Airsoft banana from yesterday. I can relate…

  3. >LOL! What a sweet story! It’s funny because my DH occassionally calls me Bob. I have NO idea why. LOL!That machine looks AWESOME! I love to sew, although I’m not very good at it, but it looks like you’re quite the pro!

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