i try to make fruit a common household object
the kids
for the most part
will eat it straight-nothing fancy
they love it in a salad or shishka-bob style
so last night i was making the salad variety
with what i had on hand
kinda like this:

then i peeled a banana
and found a huge brown hole
i thought, WOW!, something had a feast!
then i look a little closer:

it’s an air-soft pellet
from a new air-soft gun the ds’s got on Sunday
i love raising boys
that’s “thanks for laughing”!


12 thoughts on “

  1. >That’s crazy and a little too familiar!! I find these green pellets everywhere. And, they don’t vacuum well, do they?? Too funny. However, I have never found one in a banana! You win! 🙂

  2. >Ok, so I always have a little giggle when I open your blog because I love your header. Neat photo. I like photos where the journaling brings out the meaning.

  3. >OK SERIOUSLY made me LOL!! I though OMG is that a worm or something! Nope just a pellet! TOOO funny!! at least you didn’t bite into it…eeeewwww that would have been freaky!

  4. >i do not like the family i ran away because it looks bad and scary and sad….the banana was fun and made me squirt pop out my nose!!!It must have been gross and I think that it was an banana.

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